04 January, 2013

Photo: Stolen from Marie-Claire Chelini 's blog.

So?  Did you all make resolutions that you intend to keep (again) this year??  I decided to save myself the embarrassment by not making any.  Not a one did I make.  Heard something funny about resolutions the other day, they are "something that comes in one year and straight out the other!".  True, huh?
I have decided to be more organised though.  Which isn't going so well seeing as how I've already lost my diary, my €16 diary!!  Don't suppose anyone has seen in out there?  
So yeah, organisation is key this year.  Getting fit, getting healthy (hopefully slimming down).  Basically, I'm trying to get my groove back.  I'm also going to start using people's names, so beware, unless it's really embarrassing.  In those instances I'll use a pseudonym so don't fret Gertrude.

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