23 December, 2012

Ah here!!

As no. 2 would say.  I'm lying in bed, have just discovered Spotify so listening to one of my favourite bands, The Stunning , and totally chilled.  I should be getting up to take the kids to see some movie I promised them but . . . I'm warm and it's windy out and . . . . It's like this.  My room is  a tip.  My side of it anyway.  I've turned it into some sort of Den for myself.  A badger would be ashamed though, I bet she wouldn't allow her space to get this trashed.  I am, in fact, a filthy animal.  You can't see the worst of it, that's at the bottom of the bed.  6 pairs of knickers just lying on the floor in the shape of the number 8.  My er, excuse?   Well, it's been mental here so basically I get up, drop knickers, get clean pair and stagger downstairs.  At night I stagger upstairs and fall into bed only to get up the following morning and repeat.  I'm a hound.  Actually, I'm such a hound the hound (Billy)won't even come into the room anymore.  There are three glasses with water in them  beside my bed and all the paper I ripped off my birthday presents is on the floor beside me.  I bought an orchid the other day for myself in the hope that I would get it upstairs ans put it on the bedside table and that would cause me to desire simplicity and niceness.  It hasn't.  The orchid is still at the front door and there are still 4 socks on the floor.  Hmmm, sure what else would you be doing on the day before Christmas Eve other than lying on your back, typing and 'thinking' about cleaning your room.  Actually  I'm not even thinking about cleaning the room,  I'm thinking 'must get up', 'must get up and go to the cinema', 'must get up and go to the cinema and then go to Lidl and see if they have any lobster tails left',  basically I'm thinking of anything other than clean your room you filthy animal!

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