10 January, 2013

Stumble 365

My lovely pal Carol told me about this photograph a day project she's taking part of on Face book.  I thought it sounded interesting so asked her to ask them if I could join;  You know what I mean!  There is a list of words and you have to interpret them however you want and turn them into photos.  I only started on day 6 or something so am running late.  Here's what we have so far:
Day 6.  Mine.  
Ribbon.  Lots of it and all mine.  

Day 7.  Street.
A photo of one of my favourite roads in the world.  The one my auntie Lily lives on.

Day 8,  T.
'T' is for Tiny.  Which the giraffe bought for me by Alicia for my birthday is.  She wanted to buy me something pretty for my birthday and, at the moment, I have a thing for animal heads, we picked this.  Later I started to panic over where I was going to put it as I'm running out of room.  Needn't have worried as, cackle, we never checked the dimensions.  He's a coat hook.  A fabulous Raffy coat hook. 

Day 9.  Paper.
I bought this postcard in London a few years back.  Arthur always thought it was about him.  Which I adore.

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