19 January, 2013

What you could tell about us . .

.. .  Darren loaded up the recycling bin there the other day and he came in proclaiming that if anyone was to go through our bin they would work out that a 40 year old lives in this house and this household seems to have quite a thing for toblerone.  Ooh, toblerone.
I've been setting up our photo album online, finally getting to grips with 2012, and I've worked out the following.  We have a huge fascination with, in no particular order:
  1. Water
  2. Icecream - this is mainly an Arthur thing.
  3. Moustaches.
  4. Food.  All kinds of food.
  5. Seriously, the photo album consists of dozens of photos of Arthur eating icecream.  Oscar pretending to be someone else, all of us wearing moustaches of one form of another - one of us managing to pull off the moustache for real.  Oi, feck off, it's not me.  As for the food, we seem to picnic a lot.  In all weathers too.  Lots of photos of the sea and swimming pools and rivers.  We're like something out of Enid Blyton.  That makes me very happy today.
Moustaches, could you guess?
Ice cream, you can't go wrong really.
Love the sea, love water.
Food.  We seem to adore it.

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