19 January, 2013

Right now

Oscar is at a computer class.  Harry is chatting to some mate online whilst he plays Fifa 13 and Arthur is hoping around the kitchen playing Toy Story something on the Kinnect.  I was going to moan about the fact that none of them are interacting with anyone human when I realised I'm doing the same.  Dammit.  Hard to be all moralistic about computer usage when I've spent the last 24 days uploading photos or chatting to you lot.  
And another thing, I know I've been calling everyone by their given names but I kind've miss the 'Himself, meself, him and him and him and billy the dog and boy".  Plus Ger is getting a bit antsy about being er, referred to so often.  Jesus, the things I could tell you that the woman says.  Last night we did our bizarre 'omg, sigh' porn conversation again.  This time though we were talking about the gorgeous film that is 'Miss Pettigrew lives for a day'. If you haven't seen it, go get it out.  It's gorgeous.  It's funny and wonderful and just absolutely perfect.  I had to stay up last night to watch it as the UPC box refused to record it, I really miss Sky.  So, yeah, stayed up watched beautiful, funny movie, Ger watched it too, and then we oohed and ahhhed over the following line: " . . .  no, (I'm not looking for a Social Secretary), I'm looking for you.  I've been looking for you all my life".  Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. 
Thank you Colette for telling me about that movie years ago.  I still love it.  Still  not 100% sure about 'Next Stop Wonderland' though. x

p.s Dear UPC, Seriously???  I really, really dislike the way you have to practically leave the room before the box will record two programmes.  Why can't you record two things and watch something you have pre-recorded?  Huh??  Our box here is so miserable we have to turn off the tv too and slink out of the room before it will oblige us by recording anything.  ANYTHING!!!!

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