28 February, 2013


I have three young fellas in this house, one auld fella and a Borrowed Boy and they all need constant feeding.  Thing is, hardly any one of them will eat the same as the other.  He loves turnips but the brother hates them.  He likes Shepard's Pie but only Dad's one (well, touch shit love, Daddy's in school) and not mine. Then there is the one, Oscar, who hates the 'meaty part' of Shepard's pie ...?
I get so fecking tired of trying to please everyone that, I am on the verge of buying shares in Brennans Bread and Nutella.  
Tonight we are having Clapshot Pie (whoohooo for my Pieminister book - thanks Aedin for telling me it existed).  I love Pieminister.  Even if they won't give out their Moo Moo Pie recipe.  Still, we all need our secrets, right?
Back to the Clapshot, it's basically a Shepard's Pie with a couple of additions.  Our 'family recipe' Shepard's pie is: Take 800g mince beef, fry it off.  Fry off lots of carrots and one huge onion.  Chuck into the one big pot.  Then you carefully, to packet instructions, mix up a packet of Knorr Oxtail and Veg soup and gradually (chuck it in) add to the other ingredients, simmer for an hour before chucking into a dish and covering with mashed potatoes.  Easy peasy and nowt to it.  
Except.  Somethings changed in Knorr.  It doesn't taste quite the same.  The fact that Himself thinks adding Worcestershire sauce is a good thing doesn't help.  Gross.  Also, he is shite at mashing potatoes.  The fact that he is great at a Roast Dinner and the King of the Breakfast fry ups (Karen G. is the undisputed Queen - her eggs are snow white!!) is beside the point.  His mashed potato sucks.
So, despite Himself hating turnip and no. 1 not being mad on cheese, no. 2  not being keen on either cheese or turnip or no.3 thinking that  turnip is gross and the Borrowed Boy being an absolute bugger to feed at the moment . . . they are all getting Clapshot pie.  Made with Beef, Beef stock, tonnes of carrots and onions and soy sauce before being topped off with potatoes mashed with turnip before being daintily swamped in mature Cheddar.  
And I don't give a shite if they eat it or not.  
I should also point out I am on the verge of throwing out every piece of delph we own rather than have Himself come in in the evening and, before he's even given me a kiss hello, going straight to the dishwasher to open it up and clutch his head in despair.  

p.s. Sooner or later they will realise that Hunger is good sauce! (I remember being told that every time I was given a chicken chop as a kid).  

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