11 March, 2013

Behind door no. 2

Just back from a meeting with no. 1's soon to be new headmaster.  He was meeting with parents to discuss the results of the kids entrance exams.  Apparently, no. 1 did better than EVERYONE else sitting the exam which meant I had to come clean and say 'yeah, welllll, his class had been chosen the year before to check these tests out....." whereupon the Head said "that wouldn't have any effect on the results, not really".
He's putting no. 1 forward for DCU's gifted student programme from September.  He'll have to go every Saturday morning as he is incredibly clever and happy days.
Me?  Yeah, not so clever.
  I said goodbye, shook hands and turned around to find myself facing two doors!?  I was sure there was only one.  The room was tiny, there was a corridor outside . . . one of those doors was obviously a trick.  I turned to the Head and said : 'Yeah, Harry got my eyes!!'.
Oh, how we laughed.  

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