11 March, 2013

Kelly Cope - Cupcake Queen

I'm not a huge fan of cupcakes. Or rather, I'm not a huge fan of butter cream so I LOVE Kelly's cupcakes. They are divine. I buy them whenever I can which, unfortunately isn't often as she only lives in bloody Middleton. That's Cork by the way, which is way south of Dublin. Sigh.
The first time I tasted them was when she came to a party at my house. Oh divine god. Someone lost six, sorry Ger, and they were found two days later under the small sofa. A bit battered and worse for for wear but still completely and utterly edible. (Sorry Ger).
I got my hands on another dozen when I went down to Cork on Saturday for the Cork sugarcraft show. Hahah, Kelly and her beloved pulled up in their jeep and swung open the rear door. There was a scrum . . . there were lots of bags ..... lots of cupcakes in those bags and, well, I took my 12 and immediately ate a strawberry one. Ger got her 12 (and Gillian's 12) and we legged it to her car. The plan had been to put them in the boot and go back into the show but, that would have been wrong so, we each chose a cupcake. Apple for me and a Toffee one for her.
..............silence..............weird sex noises.........you know what I mean!! Lots of mmmm and muammmmummmms. Cackle.
Ger kindly swapped a s'more for a strawberry and that's what myself and Himself are fighting over. Hahahahha. It takes a seriously talented baker to make that many cakers travel that far for a cake. You really, really have to check her out. www.craftyconfections.net

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