19 March, 2013

On your marks, get set . . .

This is the list of things I need to get through this week. Ever feel like running for the hills?

  • Empty dishwasher - several times this week
  • Load/empty washing machine - repeating as the week goes on
  • Hoover the house
  • Dust the house
  • Work out what that green slime is on the windows and ask Himself to get rid of it.
  • Clear garden of dog poo
  • Clean toilets (one always reminds me of the other).
  • Make Sausage and Cider pie - so the kids can say they don't like it.
  • Make Clapshot pie - so Oscar can say he doesn't like it.
  • Feed everyone pasta, except me because I don't like it.
  • Change beds
  • Tidy bedroom
  • Feed reptiles
  • Take Billy to the Vet
  • Get Harry's photos to new school.
  • Sort out accounts
  • Make two One Direction boys . . .?
  • Sort out cake diary.
  • Ring brother.
  • See sister.
  • Take MIL out for tea as feel guilty I never see her.
  • Tidy out presses before they explode and kill someone.
  • Ditto cake press, fuck, having it all on display so I could find stuff easily is not a great look when you are the kind of person who just shoves it all back in when finished working.
  • Clear counters
  • Put passports away . . and take all of Carol's bowls out of wardrobe. 
  • Put ironing away.  Again,
  • Wash floors.
  • Finish painting downstairs - bastarding Darren is back at college so it's up to me to finish the sodding house.  Completely and utterly unbloodyfair.
  • Clean out fridge.
  • Have a cup of tea.
  • Lose weight.
  • Walk dog, but only after taking him to the vet to find out why he, the dog, is limping.

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