10 April, 2013

Have you missed me?

It was the Easter school midterm . . . do you really think I had the willpower to type or do anything above merely functioning?  Jesus, two weeks!!  Plus, it snowed for one of those weeks!!!!  Arse anyway.
Lots of stuff to catch up on.  Harry turned 12, Arthur has been pooping his brain out and Oscar just turned 9, today in fact.  Before I get to all of that though, thought you might enjoy the photo I took last night whilst playing with the er, sleeping dog.
It's called Billy-Roo.  Buckaroo with a dog, basically.  However, I think you could have great fun playing this  with your ma or da, brothers, sisters or, best still,drunk people (who have fallen asleep in your house that is.  It would be wrong to go and hunt down drunk people so you can play this). You see how many things you can pile on said animal/person before they get fed up and piss off.  I managed to get another pillow and two boots on him before he legged it.  Harrumph, legged it!  Bugger is meant to have a sore leg.  Only sore when it suits him from what I can see.  Chancer.

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