19 April, 2013

I have a new girl crush

See that, up there?  Yeah, that's how I'm feeling now.  Actually, I think that's how I've been feeling for the past six weeks.  They are completely and utterly fucking crazy here.  Not so much crazy as . .  Boys.  Lazy shites.  Lazy shites who, I can imagine, will, in years to come, sit down over a pint and say "remember when Ma used to lose it and toss all our stuff into plastic bags before going blue and ...." etc.   As that is what happens a lot right now.  All four, yup you read that right, FOUR of them are doing my head in.  
Between Himself agreeing to, every week, cleaning 3 toilets/bathrooms (floors, walls, mirrors etc. as his sons can't seem to piss straight), put away the ironing and put it away properly.  None of this bringing it upstairs and putting it on the end of the relevant child's bed.  Jesus.  What's that about?  Does he honestly expect any of those kids to walk into their rooms and go "hey, there is a pile of nice clean clothes on our beds, let's hang them up and put them away before getting into bed"???  If so, totes wrong (to quote no. 1).  Oh, and he has to clean both cars out once a month.  ONCE a month.  He agreed and then, in the next breath (which, given my mood, I am surprised wasn't his last), said 'But you know it's starting to hot up in college so I'm not really going to have time".  Meh.  I say 'Meh' but actually I am breathing in for four and out for four and in for four and ...................
So, the girl crush?  I,about 3 years ago, met this woman. I shall call her T.  I was slightly in awe of her as she was just so 'with it' if you know what I mean.  Never seemed stressed, kids always loved to see her and . . yeah, awe.
Now though, I know I love her.  Yup, she's on the ball but that's down to excellent organisational skills and a massage every second week.  She occasionally wants to bury her husband under the patio and grimaces when her kids come to her for, yet another, hug.  She is also the lovely lady who gave me a xanex today when I was telling her all of the above.  I took that xanex and came home and chased it with a gin.  I have earphones on, I'm doing my accounts, and am quite chilled and happy.  Man.  Lol, she also gave me a list of how she does it!  How cool is that?  Yup, girl crush.  

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