14 August, 2013

London Baby

This time last month I had no idea whatsoever we'd raid the kids credit union accounts and go to London.  A good friend has a pal in said city and said pal was looking for someone to house sit, feed the cat, the gerbil (the Dude - who is way faster than any rat I have ever come across.  Thing was like a bullet) and water the tomatoes for them.  My pal suggested me and before you knew it myself and D. were having the 'will we, won't we?' conversation   We are skint.  Beyond skint.  So skint that we had our kids sign away their life savings, cackle.  
Feck it, sure wasn't it for them we were doing it??
Driving through London is not fun.  It's so 'not fun' that I only drove three times whilst we were there.  The house was perfect, reminded me of my lovely friend Gill's house.  Even smelled the same. Like home.
There was even this to greet us!
We also had this lovely lady train us to give her water the way she likes.  
Oli liked us so much she decided to give me a present on our first night.  I had just managed to haul my shoulders down from around my ears (it was the drive, have I to told you how mental Londoners are at driving??) and started to doze off when I heard the cat going mental.  I started to get out of bed and . .  ugh . . had I really just stood on cold cat sick?  
Nope!  Was this bugger.  Threw my t shirt over him, it was a him, wasn't it?, and ran downstairs to catch a bowl.  Me, in all my froggy experience, thought you caught frogs the way you got spiders.  
Note:  You don't.  Really you should just pick the bugger up.  
Got him under bowl and then tipped bowl to try and squeeze a bit of paper under it.  Success.  Lifted paper and bowl and frog fell through paper.  Eventually chucked frog into bowl and booted it downstairs.  Frog decided he liked it upstairs and tried to stay up there.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh
RE-caught frog and managed to make it all the way downstairs. Got the back door open and tipped frog onto ground.  Frog hopped back into house.  Cat came after frog.  I had a sit down.  
Hooshed frog out, cat followed, locked door and climbed back into bed.  

Hello London indeed x

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