08 June, 2014

Ah hear!!!

I'm a member of various cake pages/forums and . . . yawn.  But when did people get so bloody uptight?
One page, which I am now a moderator one . . . we rarely have to moderate as it looks after itself, well, occasionally it goes a bit batshit crazy but then it all settles down again.  Until someone suggests that maybe everyone is, like, on their 'monthlies'???  Seriously hate that nonsense.  Hate when women get irked or cross it's put down to their being hormonal rather that the situation they are moaning about being a pain in the arse.  Hmm, if a man is whingy or whiney he's simply 'stressed' (did you know that 'stressed' is 'desserts' spelled backwards?) but when a woman is whingy and moany she's on the blob or suchlike.  

Anyway, yesterday I posted, on one page, that I was pissed off with the way a woman reacted to no. 2 when he answered the phone to her.  It was 10.30am, Saturday, and she wanted to speak to me.  No. 2 was too lazy to go all the way to the top of the house so he asked if he could take a message.  She said 'no, I want to speak to the cake maker' whereupon no. 2 said 'she's not up yet I'm afraid'.  Long story short, no. 2 showed up in our bedroom.  I answered the phone, she refused my prices and then no. 2 said she had shouted at him for not being helpful  
Only me and He are allowed shout at no. 2 for not being helpful.  Not impressed with her at all.  I put all of this on the cake page and the majority of people were like "argh, what is with people?" to "give me her number and I'll ring her at a stupid hour and see what she thinks" much appreciated by the way, thanks.  But one woman, hmm, she doesn't seem to like my humour or the fact that I use the cake page to vent amongst my cake peers.  
(Side note: if you are a single person business you have no colleagues to ring up and go 'WTFuckingF????" to.  This means you go onto forums populated with similar lone business people and go 'wtff?' to).
Yup, apparently I should get a business phone, stop having my children act as receptionist, get out of bed earlier (I was tired lady) and stop creating so much drama.  
Second page I am on.  Tis an American page, full of the most wonderful bakers and cakers from around the world and a lot of jesus freaks too.  Jesus!!!!  
One woman is thinking of quitting caking because it upsets her husband.  The majority of us said 'tough shit, he's upset. He can't take your kids because he doesn't like you making cakes?!' but a lot of the posters all offered to 'pray for her' and told her to 'stand by her man and marriage'.  Seriously!!!!  Stand by your man!!!!  The best thing about this stupidity is I have now made friends with a really lovely American woman, I emailed her and said "I don't normally send out friend requests to people I don't know but you seem like the only sane one on this thread, are all Americans like this?", she replied with "yeah, the standard American response to any dilemma is 'I'll pray for you'.  She's cool, plus she also got an email of the most god promoting one of them asking "A, are you sure you want to live your life like this?  Aren't you going to be embarrassed when you die and find out god does exist?" 
Oh, I'm being prayed for too.  Like being prayed for.  Makes me feel like I am doing something right.

So, the blog has been resumed.  This time I mean it.  I've missed it but life has been unsettled and I didn't want to write it all down for fear I tell the truth.  LOL  Seriously!!!  LAUGHING OUT LOUD HERE!!

No. 1 is now a teenager.  He has a phone life so interesting I can't bear to watch any more.
No. 2 . . . is still as sweetly odd as ever.
No. 3?  Yeah, he reckons a man saw him last week and dropped dead on the spot as he was overwhelmed by his, no. 3's, awesomeness!

See ya later 'gator.

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