23 October, 2014

I can't effing sleep

There were many reasons for this I think so, in no particular order:
  • My feet are bloody freezing
  • I'm overtired due to a fairly mental night last night. Started off on a high of giggling and laughing (I'll tell you tomorrow) with one friend and an hour or so of mopping up the tears of another.
  • I have a headache, probably because I am tired.
  • It sounds like there is a monster under my bed, you know how much I fear under my bed, but I have a funny feeling it's just Billy acting the bollix and sleeping there (as is his won't).  Thing is, I am too afraid to look under the bed just in case it really is a monster and it eats my  face off.
  • The kids put on the original Willy Wonks today and those oompa  loompas are really fucking scary.
  • I can't get the phrase "just saying'" out of my head. Someone said it to me today and it's really bloody annoying me,  I think that it is the most passive aggressive expression in use these days. "Just sayin" my arse. Yeah, you are giving your opinion because everyone is entitled to it, right?
  • I had no dinner because I hate pasta.
  • Friends. Friends can be the biggest pain in the arse at times.
  • Social media (the irony of this point is not lost on me). I was reminded today of the binders I have that are full of letters and cards I received pre email and text. It really irritates me that most of my interaction with friends these days is via Facebook, text or twitter. When did I get so bad at picking up the phone or meeting for coffee? I love when I meet my friends in person so why have I allowed myself to use Facebook as my main form of communication with most of them?
  • People who dump their shit in your lap and then aren't impressed when you pick it up and dump it back in theirs.
  • Did I mention my feet are completely and utterly freezing?  I would get out of bed to get thick socks on (might even close the window whilst I'm up) but I'm afraid there is w monster under my bed,

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