15 January, 2015

Oh FFS!!!!!!

Picture it, I'm sitting at the head of the table (sodding dog sat on my foot), no. 3 is directly ahead of me and no. 2 is to my right.

They are meant to be doing their homework.  I'm meant to be doing my accounts.  Instead I'm writing this because, well, they ain't doing their bloody homework.  Ever tried to do anything where you have to concentrate where the kids are blathering on at you?  Sweet Jesus.
Every now and then I mutter 'is that to do with your homework?'  As of yet, the answer is always 'no'.
Instead they are talking about  . .  anything that seems to pop into their head.
So far we've had:
No. 2.  Yeah, so check out my scary santa picture.  Is it really scary?  (er, yes!!)
No. 3.  "At least you doing your work, Mam, gives me a chance to er, what was I saying?  Erm, you tube".
No. 2. "Mam?'  Me.  "What?"  "No. 2.  "So er, can I er, . . . oh, I forgot"
No. 3 for the 10th time "Will you help me with my project???"  My answer has been yes the previews 9 times too.
Himself gives me that look, you know that look!, when I am getting wound up and roaring 'Will yis just do your bloody homework   No. 2  "Mam, how much, er weeks, I know this, but I just want to see if, faaart, you know it . . . "  
Where was I?  Oh, Himself glares as me when I lose the plot and start roaring 'Shush, shut up, be quiet, FFS someone just stop yapping".  
Easy for him, he can work in College or upstairs or anywhere really.  The joy of coding.
Me?  Have you ever tried to decorate a cake whilst sat on a bed?  Or on a bus?  Yeah, not easy.

I love my kids but I really do wish they'd shut the, breathe . . . .. . .  . . 

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