01 September, 2010

Things to do Today

  1. Empty Dishwasher - apparently I don't empty that in the correct fashion either.
  2. Put bins out - having already rowed with Darren over location of tags.
  3. Put a frickin' rocket under # 2 so that he moves at a pace less resembling that of a bloody sloth.
  4. Upload photos, cakes. 
  5. Upload photos, to online album.
  6. Develop photos for Nana and Aunties.
  7. Find all stuff for recyling and sort it into proper containers.  Last months trip to the bottle bank ended in embarrassing disaster when whiskey and wine bottles crashed through the bottom of a bag.
  8. Meet Carol for toast in Olive, yummmy.
  9. Sort out detrius on coffee table, buttons, games, magazines, important papers and biscuits.
  10. Reload dishwasher.
  11. Bleugh, put away ironing.
  12. Remember to do lotto and win €2 million euro, thus finding someone to do all of the above and below for the rest of my life.
  13. Feed other females in house.
  14. Learn how to hibernate one of the other females.
  15. Hoover house.
  16. Dust house.
  17. Get tv down from upstairs so that it can be recycled. 
  18. Work out how to get extremely heavy but small pack that contains a chest of drawers upstairs.
  19. Exercise.
  20. Eat less.
  21. Sleep.


  1. I bet you did great study schedules when you were in school too!! highlighed and all!!?? Am I right?

  2. No. I was a dosser. Like making lists, then make lists of the lists I've lost etc.