02 September, 2010


No. 2 woke this morning and there were tears as I tried to hoosh him along to get ready for school.  There were tears whilst I tried to hoosh him out the door.  But, oh dear, I assured him that he was just tired and tonight he should go to sleep on getting to bed.
Getting out of the car he was very quiet but I was all excited 'cos I was hooking up with a mate for coffee and we hadn't had a chat in ages and ages (Tuesday).  He was quiet walking to the school - which I ignored 'cos I was going for coffee.
Finally had to acknowledge he was unwell when he puked everywhere!!!!  No coffee for me.  Cue sad face.
Still, my mate came here.  Coffee wasn't as good but conversation was great.
Then the man of the house came home.  I had meant to ring him and warn him he'd be vomiting before the day was out - he and no. 2 always vomit together.  Sure enough, puke central.  Happy days for me.

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