25 September, 2010


Thank Crunchie it was Friday, that's all I can say.  Jesus, but I'm tired.  Did the usual Friday running around, supermarket, greengrocer, butchers and fishmongers to collect fish.  The fish I'd lost two weeks ago.  The lovely chaps in Kish had forgotten to pack my salmon up for me a couple of weeks ago so I had to return for it, eventually.  Wasn't their fault, they were packing to close and then I burst in in a hail of 'we're going to be healthy and eat fish-ness' which meant they had to be nice and help me decide between seabass and stuff.  Either way, they/I forgot the salmon and yesterday I recollected a fresh batch.  They also gave me my mackerel for free.  How nice is that?
Got home.  Started making the cake for Tilly's christening today and the fairycakes to go with the cake and then I looked at the list I'd made at the start of the week . .  . bad idea.  Turns out I have done most of it.  But not enough of it.  Hate lists.  They just remind you of all the things that you meant to do with your life. 
Still.  Yesterday I made 36 mini fairycakes.  1 big cake.  120 little roses and 45 big ones.  Soup.  Icing.  All the the same time.  D ate the leftover icing and turned his stomach.  Seriously, how many times must one do something before realising it is a bad idea.  In this case eating 1/2 lb of icing!!!!!!  Bleugh.  Meant he couldn't eat his lovely ginger and seseme basted mackerel.  So Fiona had it.  Then # 1 did something really foul.  In my eyes anyway.  He wouldn't eat the fish because he doesn't like fish.  But he ate their eyes!!!  He ate the fishes eyes!!!!!!  Apparently some fella on the telly said they're great for protein and surviving in the wild so he thought he should try it.  The little shite will eat a fishes eyes but he won't eat . . . .aaagh, will supply you with a list (see, another frickin' list!) of things he won't even deign to taste. 
Aaaaaaaagh, fish eyes?  Bleaugh.  Had to disguise my disgust behind a facade of 'wow # 1, that's fantastic, you're so adventurous in your approach to food, wow'.  In reality I was literally heaving behind his back.  Gross.  Yuk, etc. 
Collapsed in a heap soon after.  Had been standing since 1pm caking and baking and fell apart at 9pm and hit the sack. 
Slept for 12 hours straight through and am still tired. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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