23 April, 2011

What to do?

I started this blog so I could talk about what's what.  Shame people have started to recognise themselves!!  Nah, it's all good but I did start this to keep myself sane and just chat about what it's like to be me.  I thought other mammies would realise that we're all in this together and that no one of us is really doing it any better or any worse than each other. 
Recently something happened.  A friend, in a roundabout way (without meaning it, I'm sure) said something that really hurt my feelings.  Feelings are shitty things.  You can't help how you react (silence in my case) but now it's really shitty.  I'm who I am.  Just me.  I just get on with life and try to do the best I can by everyone around me.  I'm not always successful but I'll give it a go.  But someone hurt my feelings by talking out of turn and I have hurt theirs by not saying anything.  Tricky

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