30 August, 2011

Last day of the school holidays

Normally, on this day, the last day of the school holidays we go to Portmarnock Beach and have a fish and chip supper.  This year?  It's too bloody cold.  Instead we went to the sweet shop in the village and had ice-cream there instead.  Wasn't quite the same but what can you do when the seasons have gotten all mixed up and an Irish Summer seems to run from April to the end of July??t
Tomorrow it's time to measure the lads against the door and see how much they've grown since last September and ..... where the sodding hell has this year gone??  I mean, it seems like no time since the kids got their holidays and now, here we are again, it's time go go back.  Bleugh.  
Also, kind've crap this year.  All the mums I know have gone up to JP's with #2's class.  I only have #3 left in St.Syls.  I don't know any of the parents in his class as I never bothered my arse to really get to know them 'cos the kids were meant to be divided up this year only now they haven't and some of them are really intense and shit!! I should have made the effort.
It'll all come out in the wash.  
It's been a good summer over all.  Forgetting the broken/not broken leg and #3 thinking he's 15 and all that, it's been a good summer.

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