01 October, 2011

Oh deah

Just.  Just when I thought I had enough to make a payment on the credit card (having JUST paid #1 back for my internet page) the car broke.  Broke!!!
Was delivering a cake to Artane, wasn't meant to be as am still (week 3 and counting) sick but B. hates doing it, when car broke down.  Thought I'd run out of petrol, how embarrassing, so Himself came, nos. 2 and 3 in the back of the car, grabbed B. and a huge castle cake and they legged it to Artane.  I waited in the car and soon they were back again with a thingie of diesel.  Yeah.  Turned out it wasn't a 'you're a gobshite and you ran out of petrol' issue but instead a 'the car is bolloxed' thing.   So Axa's roadside assist said it would take an hour for someone to get to me and then asked 'what do you want us to do when we get to you?'  Eh?  "I want you to fix my sodding car".  Turns out they can only fix it if it's something other than injector airlocks.  Sigh.
So.  Back to being skint.  Quite frustrating to nearly, ever so nearly, get close to getting straight only for it to go tits up. Again.

Question:  What do Winnie The Pool and John The Baptist have in common?

Answer:  The same middle name.  Boom boom.

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