15 November, 2011


I went to get my eyebrows threaded last Friday, a six weekly treat for myself.  Jesus but it stings but the girl is so good, the shape is fantastic but she is now no longer my friend.
Her.   "Do you want me to do your upper lip?
Me.   "WHAT????"
Her.  "You, ehm, your lip is very hairy."
Me.  "Oh Jesus, really?"
Her.  "Yes.  Look"
Well, I looked but I had no glasses on so what could I say other than, in small voice 'yeah please remove the moustache that none of my friends have ever told me about (bastards)."  
So, I had my upper lip threaded (I keep typing 'threatened', go figure) and aaaaaaaaaaaaagh, it was so painful.   I imagine it could be used by spies or some such as a way of making people talk. They'd be talking funny though as their sodding faces would swell up.  I had a fat lip.  A fat smooth lip but a fat lip none the less.  
I didn't tip.  And I'm not going back.  I have a lip that looks like a scalded cat, or something.  Ouch.

Check out men with real moustaches here and donate or grow yer own.

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