21 November, 2011

What a lovely weekend

Have just had a lovely weekend.  A really lovely one.  Okay, so I'm on my knees now but it was lovely.  Started off, in manic fashion, on Friday with trying to finish a cake for my aunt and uncle's (Marge and Bob) 75th surprise birthday party.  Then it was panic stations when I realised that I am never, EVER, going to wear high heels again.  So disappointing to put on a pair of fabulous boots only to find you can only stand still in them as, once you take a step, the tendons and ligaments in your right foot start screaming for mercy.  Sigh.
So, with babysitters here, myself and Himself legged it into town to drop off cake and have a pint in McDaids where a mate of ours work.  Oh but the buzz of town on a Friday night.  It was fantastic.  All those people, happy and laughing and gorgeous (and half undressed - I am getting old), just hanging out and . . .  I remember being 20 and doing the same.  Actually, whilst in McDaids, myself and Himself saw a twentysomething version of Ms. Urban.  The two of us stared at her so hard she obviously felt uncomfortable.  So left!!  Before we could take a sneaky photo.  Ms. Urban has a doppelganger.  
From McDaids it was back to the Green Hen (go to this place, it's marvellous, they have a separate dining room upstairs) where I met me cousins!!!  If my brother and sister had've been there it would have been the first time since we were all small kids that we were in the same space.  Loved it.  Would have loved it more if I were allowed to drink but I was designated driver so . .. water for me, ta.
Stayed out terribly late, ate well and carried in cake.  I loved that cake.  Met people who knew me and could tell tales of when I was small and tales of my uncle Bill.  Heard tell of how young people don't invite the old people to parties anymore because they are considered boring.  Hah!  The two 'old' people I spent the night chatting with were sarky, sharp and could cut you down as soon as look at  you.  Loved them.  But a bit afraid of them.  Never a bad thing really, eh?  Dropped people home and time for bed at 2.30.
Then it was a lazy Saturday. Had such good intentions of doing stuff but the sofa was so comfortable it would have been a shame to leave it.  A complete shame.  Taught the youngest chap how to play Othello.  Had tales of intended to let him win until he started winning.  The lads can beat me at everything.  Strategists!!
Then time for a trip to Islandbridge for a catch up with the girls.  Move wine and laughing and putting the world to rights.  Ms.C. is fading away to nothing but looking fabulous, Ms. A. has finally worked out how to spend time in yer wan's company without killing her (she is never to be left alone with her for more than it takes the boyfriend to pee) and Ms.Ce is having a great time in her new job.  I had no news and just sat and listened and laughed. Oh, and regaled with tales of Brazil.  Oh, and I found a woman who, I believe, had a baby purely to write about the experience.  Never pushed a pram as didn't want to be defined as a 'mother' and never takes the, now, toddler with her anywhere because . . .I don't know.  It's an ordeal.  Apparently there is no fun in going out to lunch, holidaying, walking on the beach if you have a child.  REALLY???  Ya think??  Okay, so it's not the same kind've fun but it is fun.  Lots of fun.  And the great thing about toddlers is .. . they nap!!!!!  Arsey woman.
Home by 4.30an!!!!!
A new caker pal called over late Sunday morning and we had tea and chatted and her boys played with my boys and it was another lazy day before you knew it.  Ate toblerone and chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilled.  Nice.
Then to Rush to meet with the cousin I know best from Friday and . . .   Jesus wept.  Their new house!!  I want it.  Not just because it's beautiful and the downstairs is made for artwork, pretty things, the biggest Christmas tree you can buy.  Not just because the kitchen is the size of an aircraft hanger or because it has underfloor heating and huge windows.  Nope.  I would kill to live there because you can hear the sea.  Within seconds you can be walking on the beach - which we did for an hour.  Wow and wow.  I want R&C's house.  I want the view.  I want the sound of the sea and wow and wow.
Home by 9pm (nah, not another am) and time for kids to go to bed and me to fall asleep in front of Silent Witness. 
Probably doesn't sound like much fun but . . . think about it:
Dawn.  Cake.  Friends.  Pub.  Gin and Tonic.  Laugh with grumpy barman mate.  Great food.  Great surprise.  Great company.  Catch up.  Relatives.  Home.  Zzzzzzzzzzzz.  Lazy day.  Board games with kids.  More friends.  Good food.  Good laugh.  Good music.  World put to rights.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  The sea and boats (more on that again).  New friends.  Laaazzzzy.  OMG House.  Great kids.  Lovely walk on seafront.  Great food.  Great laugh and home to good BBC drama.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Great weekend.

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