28 November, 2011

No. 3 is cracking up!

No. 3 isn't having all that much fun at the moment.  He's 'boooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred'.  Thing is, the more bored he gets the more stressed I get.  'There's nuthin' to do.'  '????????????????????????????'.  I mean, never mind the bulging playroom.  The tonnes of vital Lego and colouring stuff.  Never mind the fact that he has comics to burn and books to read.  He's bored.  Reading, apparently, is boring.  
He's lucky I didn't see the notice for the big Glendalough Walk in time to go on it.  6 hours of trail walking.  That would have sorted his issues out.
Every day I tell him to 'go out and play'.   'Go get some fresh bloody air while it's dry and bright' etc. etc.  Nope.  The little shite is determined that the ONLY way (man) to relieve his boredom is to be able to play some sort of video game.  Any video game.  Solitaire on the laptop will do, it just has to be something involving a screen of some sorts.
I despair.