28 February, 2012

Fancy that?

Was hanging out yet another load of washing today when I held up a vest belonging to no. 3 when I realised how tiny he was.  He's a titch!  A little titch with a big attitude I might add.  So funny though, you don't notice them growing but they do.  The fact that he is tearing around the green on his bike should give me an idea of how big he is.
On Saturday and  Sunday we had my gorgeous niece, TD (short for Turkish Delight) staying with us while her mammy went off West with her pals and her daddy went to work.
Holy shit.
What a lot of poop comes out of little girls!!!
Myself and Himself have so lost our knack with babies.  We can do it but we run around like headless chickens  whilst 'doing it'.  We were brutal.  
Okay, so I had a vomiting bug and was a mess, a hot sticky smelly mess.  Ugh.  But babies are mental.  They look like all they do is sit there and drool but they take up so much of your time whilst just sitting there and drooling.
I HAVE THREE KIDS!!!!  How did I not notice this before?  Was it because I was so up to my eyes in it I couldn't see the wood for the trees??
Anyway, so TD was dropped over and her mammy had a bit of a mini freak at the idea of leaving her with us (first time is hardest etc) and me and he had a mini freak attack at the idea of having a baby in the house.  A girl one at that.  She drooled.  She poohed.  She shouted and she Did.  Not.  Sleep.  During.  The.  Day.  Like we were promised she would.
She also dreaded the sight of me which was rich considering I was there encouraging her into this world.  Menace!!  She'd burst into tears every time I came into her eyeline.  She couldn't get enough of Himself or the lads though.  
She did sleep through the night though.  With Himself beside her in the bed.  She didn't like the beautiful cot we'd provided, nope, she wanted in a bed.  She started out with me but then I started vomiting and she wasn't impressed.  I went back to my own bed (thank God) and Himself got in beside her.  He said he woke up at dark o'clock and yer wan was still.  Very still.  Because we'd forgotten that babies do this he wriggled her until she started giving out.  Phew!!!!  She slept til 9.30!!!!!  I slept til 10.
Time for breakfast, drooling in the sunshine.  Yet more nappy changes and, hey, where did all those boys who promised to look after their cousin go???
So, I'm still feeling rough, no. 3 is at a party and nos. 1 and 2 are out and about when she pooped.  It was the first nappy that Himself had agreed to change (in all our years of nappy changing neither of us had really done girls!! It was a revelation let me tell you).  So, Himself is all geared up, I'm cracking up on the sofa as, before you know it, yer wan is nearly upside down and standing on her head as Himself holds up by her feet saying things like 'jaysus, disgusting, babies, . .. shite everywhere'.  He stripped her and sat her on, oh the shame, a plastic bag whilst I frantically washed out the sink and filled it with 'just right' water and sanex - the closest thing we had to baby bath.  She had a lovely bath and then promptly fell asleep.  I did the same.  Himself roasted chickens!
Thank God F arrived to collect TD soon after.  We had her bagged up and ready to go, HER STUFF!! bagged up and ready to go.  That was quite a few bags too btw.  She dosn't travel light but then neither does my sister.
We were asked would we mind her again. I said sure . . . when she's old enough to ask us herself.

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