07 March, 2012

First Time

Yesterday no. 2 made his First Confession.  It was quite the experience.  But before we even got to the Church we had the following exchange at the kitchen table.

No. 2     So, Dad, is Paul coming here to mind nos. 1 and 3?
Himself   I haven't heard from him yet, I don't think so.
No. 2     Oh.
Me         It's okay, I can take you to the church.
No. 2     Actually, you know how Dad never gets to go to mass on Sundays .. . can he come with me tonight?
Me.       ........??????????????
Himself   Er.....

Pah, poor dad never gets to go to mass my arse.  Himself doesn't believe in any of the God stuff so won't take bloody part.  I don't believe in the God stuff (as we're taught it, I'm more a 'respect and love' kinda girl) either but our kids go to a Catholic school so this is part of the deal.  
Anyway, no. 2 was dead excited but nervous 'cos he had no sins.  Actually, that's the bit that wrecks my head the most.  How can 7 year olds have sins?  Like, seriously???  As far as I'm concerned the only 'sins' are those were people get hurt.  Not hurt feelings by the way, but hurt, y'know?!
The children sang beautifully and all around I could see dads checking their phones for the match results (Chelsea 2 - Birmingham 0).  
Then.  Ugh.  The kids got ready to 'confess' to thumping their brothers or not listening to their mammy and the music started.  Holy shit.  That was the scariest ten minutes ever.  It wasn't just me who thought so either, Zoe from No. 2's class turned back and said 'scary music' to us and it was.  Downright freaky, eerie and horrible.  Chanting and ick.  Like something from The Omen.  AAAAAAAAAAAaagh.
Hate dolls.  Hate scary music.  Not fond of churches.
When No 2. came back from confessing Himself asked 'are you alright?'  I nearly wet myself.  What did he think had happened?