04 March, 2012

It's good to spread something you love about

I inherited (besides fabulous blue eyes) a box of buttons from my mam and dad's house.  I can still remember the day my da gave them to me, I was so chuffed.  I have great memories of dipping my hands into the box and running the buttons through my fingers when I was a kid.  Plus, the box has this fabulous 'old' smell that I hated as a kid but love now as it brings me home.  
Anyway, I started making things with the buttons for friends birthday presents.  It started off with a big framed heart for myself and turned into smaller hearts for two others who mean a lot to me.  I made this during the week for another good friend.  The buttons are running low . . but it's worth it.


  1. Awwww... there's my beautiful present!! Thanks so much Niamh - I love love love it <3

  2. You're very welcome my friend.