03 April, 2012

Health and Safety Issue???

I live in Kinsealy, one of those houses that has pyrite.  We were clever, we got ours fixed when the company still had money and weren't owned by Nama.  The poor sods on either side of us decided to sue which meant they are only getting their houses fixed now and getting a shite deal whilst their at it.
Thing is, my problem is, I live between two of these houses so, at this moment in time, the houses either side of me are being stripped of flooring, plasterboard, staircases etc. so Menolly Homes can get in and remove the floor and excavate down to foundation level and remove all the pyrite.  We've known this was coming for nigh on three years ago and we found out approx. three months ago that the builders were working in such a super-fast efficient way that the work was now ahead of schedule and they'd be starting, either side of us, on April 2nd.  Yesterday.  First day of Easter Break.  
Can you imagine my surprise when the Menolly Liaison (ML for short) rang us on Thursday last (the day before end of term break-up) and said 'uhm, we haven't found anywhere local for you to move into  . . . . do you think you could have a look into it too?'
'What the fuck??' is what I thought but what I said was 'Er, sure, what's my budget?'  "€400' she says.  'For the week??'  'No, for the two weeks'.
Don't know if you live in Ireland but it's quite expensive to do stuff here.  The stuff to do is great, but it's expensive.  
Anyway, as we were meant to move house for two weeks, I said 'see ya' to the borrowed boy.  Sent cakes off to the other Perfectionists and settled in to do nowt much with the kids.  Somewhere in Dublin.
But they found us no house and they weren't keen on paying €1,200 for the one we found so we did a deal.  Which involved us getting up and out by 8am and back by 6pm.  Which is kind've crap when you consider we're all on our Easter holidays and meant to be chilling out a bit and relaxing.
Yesterday, people started moving out of their houses and we waited for the ML to turn up with both some sort of advice/help/anything and an Architect or Surveyor to check our house was okay.
Today, people really did move out and the builders moved in.  They, as I type, are cutting things out, partition walls etc. and I can hear every hammer knock.  

Today we wasted a day waiting for someone to come and see us to see if we could reach an arrangement.  

My kids wanted to go play with their mates who live around the back of us and the builders (lots of whom are wearing masks) obviously felt uneasy and walked the kids around to their pals.  I mean, we're not wearing high-vis jackets or hard hats and we are living in the middle of a building site and there is heavy machinery moving around

Which makes me think: If all the builders are wearing high-vis jackets and hard hats shouldn't we be too?  I mean, we actually live here.  In a building site.  Because Menolly, despite of months advance warning, forgot to book us somewhere to live.  

I am so angry I can hardly talk, which is why I'm typing.  I have to be polite here as I'm not a huge fan of blogs that shoot their mouths off myself.  But I am angry and I'm getting angrier.  The kids are getting more upset because they want to go out and play but we don't want them to and we can't go anywhere because we're waiting for a man and, hopefully, an Architect to check that our house is going to survive it's neighbours being ripped apart.

What a monumental cock up!  Don't you absolutely HATE when you are the victim of someone else's ineptitude?

And finally.  At 4pm a man came, we talked.  He left and we've been assured the noisy bit will only take three days.  I'll let you know.

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