02 April, 2012


I was over in my mates house earlier and she was telling me how she'd gone in to get her daughter out of bed today only to find the bed wet.  But her daughter wasn't, wet that is.  After a couple of questions the little girl, when asked what was on the bed, said 'plehhh'.  'Wha???' said my mate.  'Plehhhh' said the little girl making that motion that one does when one is pretending to puke!
So 'plehh' it is.
Obviously a day for it.
No. 1 went to the cinema with three of his mates today for his birthday, I legged it into the job I am shite at, and Himself collected No. 1 from KFC with nos. 2 and 3 in tow.  No. 2 then made a meal, pardon the pun, of drinking the gravy that comes with chips in KFC.  Needless to say, he felt lousy afterwards.  
He said 'ugh, I feel sick'.  He went to the loo.  I followed in 20 minutes later and was so bursting to go I didn't notice two things:  One, there was no sodding toilet roll and, TWO, the little shit had puked on the seat and not wiped it up (no toilet roll remember).
I sat in his puke.  I have a pukey arse.
I may plehhhh myself.  

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