03 April, 2012

The perfect pet, according to no.3

Today I drove home with the youngest two in the back of the car and the eldest in the front with me.  The younger two were in flying form due to 'flubber'.  I didn't ask.
No. 3 started chatting about how a dinosaur would make the perfect pet, but 'not the one with the small arms' (see above).  
Apparently a dinosaur, with longer arms, would be a great pet because "if you had something for dinner you didn't like, well, you could give it to the dinosaur!"  They then went on about what types of food the dino would like best.  His name, for some insplicable reason, is Tom.  Tom The Dinosaur.
Tom would love meat, lots of meat but not human meat because 'uuuugh, disgustingggggggg'.
Tom would also be great for throwing a ball for, but only if he had normal size arms (again, see above) as if he  had short arms he wouldn't be able to pick it up.  
Yup, Tom would eat all dispicable dinners and fetch balls.  

Kind've like Billy does.  Billy.  The.  Dog!!!!  Not nearly as exciting though, even I'll admit that.  

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