22 May, 2012

I don't get it

Himself asked me 'what did I want to watch?'  I veered quickly from Science Fiction to Comedy.  Quicker still I said 'No Woody Allen'.  Instead I ended up with the Coen Brothers.  Should have said 'No Woody Allen and no Coen Brothers'.
I don't get them.
Or Woody Allen.
Everyone else seems to.  Now, having said that, Raising Arizona is funnier than I remember but it's not for me.  He's cracking up.  Like, really cracking up.  I'm bored.  So far I've checked out Face Book, Holy Cool.net, Pinterest and Unhappy Hipsters.  
Wonder what I would have picked if I had've been quick enough to pick.  L.A. Story?  Bridesmaids??  Dunno, but it wouldn't have been anything by the Coen Brothers.

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