12 November, 2012

Ger or Niamh

Normally I don't use people's names when I blog but sometimes you've got to.  I have this pal, her name is Ger, and she really is fantastic.  Great craic.  We were in Betws y Coed  last Thursday (we'd stopped for a cuppa and to try and find the tea shop myself and C had found years ago - we did, and it was closed) when I asked "Do you think we look like tourists?" to which she replied, in a panicked voice "Do you think we're starting to look alike?  You know?  Like dogs and their owners!!!???"  Neither of us would admit to being the mutt but both agreed there are similarities.  Good thing we're so fabulous looking.
Speaking of looking alike, I saw a pig.  Ger swears it was a sheep.
Love Betws y coed, it's so beautiful at this time of year, all golds and greens and great cafes.  We ended up sitting in an old dining car that had been turned into a cafe.  Egg, chips and sausages .. . you can't go wrong really.
Although, turns out Ger isn't as big a kid as me and C.  She wouldn't go on the model railway.  Sigh, it looked so much fun.

Oh, oh, found this image here.  Turns out there are pigs that look like sheep, cackle.