12 November, 2012

With the best of intentions

I had intended checking in and actually writing something over the past few weeks but . . . it was midterm and there were cakes and . . .  I'm really bloody lazy.  
Myself and no. 3 are of the opinion that we should 'make like bears' and hibernate for three months of the year.  I am shagged, knackered, soooo sleeeepy.  Dark evenings just kind've shut me down.  I've been in bed most nights before 10 lately.  Except last night.  Last night it was the Guild Christmas meeting.  You get to pick a table, or have one picked for you if you're late because your lift got lost, and make lots of sugar cake toppers.  I was on the 'choirboy' table.  Jesus, 7 professional cake makers all looking at each other going 'what's a choir boy look like again??'  Great craic.  According to A. mine should be popping up on Christmas cakes all over the Guild as people kept photographing them.
On another note.  No. 2 just told no. 3 he has a face 'like a sweaty bollox'.  

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