17 November, 2012

Two funny conversations

A friend of mine is doing her first Craft Market at the moment and I volunteered myself and no. 2 to help out.  Okay, so I volunteered when I was on a high from giggling all night through with her and wasn't feeling like death (I'm miserable when I have a cough/cold/yukness but a promise is a promise.
While in the car going over to her house no. 2 asked about 'how canaries stop singing when they smell gas'.  I replied '???' and the conversation went as follows:
Him: You know the way they stop singing.  When there is a gas leak . . . . you know, in mines?'
Me:  'Oooh, you're talking about how miners used to bring canaries into the tunnels with them in the olden days.'
Him: 'Sigh, yes.'
Me.  'Well, it wasn't so much that they 'stopped singing' more a case of they dropped dead.  They are such tiny birds that they feel the effects of gas leaks before humans and er, they die'.
Him.  'Right, so why didn't we die in England last year?'
Me.  Again!! '?????'
Him. 'Remember, in Lily's house . .. we came down in the morning and the canary was dead.  So, why didn't we die?'
Me. Cackling away quietly to myself, can you cackle quietly?  Anyway, 'The canary died of old age!  Muppet'.


"Yeah, so there's this boy in my class.  You know him, Devin, yeah?  Well he's in hospital having his measles taken out".  "What?  Are you sure that's right?  I don't think you can take measles out, do you mean tonsils?
"No, it's er, you know that thing you have from when we lived in the stone age and ate grass and now we don't need it any more ......?'"  "Ahh, appendix!  He had his appendix out."

I do love that boy. Even if he makes me nearly crash the car every now and then from yapping at me and telling me funny stuff and shouting at me to look out the window.
I was reminded by Ger (my partner in crime last weekend at the cake show) that he didn't lick it off the ground.  Apparently, I drove her mad by yapping the whole way through Wales and shouting out things like 'Ooooh, look!!!  It's a helicopter and it's going under a rainbow!!!!!  LOOOOOOK!!!"

Yup, he's my boy x

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